Have you taken a look at our new home page here @ APL? If not, then here’s the link: , so go take a look. At first, you may think it looks the same but look again, scroll down a little and then take a look at the left hand column. There are now links to our blogs, the APL Teen Scene MySpace page, Twitter and our Ning. Check it out!!


Metamorphosis @ APL update #2

Can you believe that it’s nearing the end of July already!!! Let’s not think about how that means school is just around the corner but instead I want to remind you all that our Teen SRP, Metamorphosis @ APL is nearing the end. No worries, b/c you still have 1 week left to read and claim your prizes. That is JULY 31st!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! And if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time (see above:), so what are you waiting for???

Blog Links!

Blogger has this (sort of) new feature in which you can make a sidebar of your favorite blogs, so I decide dto do just that.

If you take a look over to the right side of the page, there are now links to my favorite YA author blogs and also links to the new blogs that we have started here at APL, including What’s New at APL and the Children’s Department blog, so take a look at see what is happening here at the library and also with some really great YA authors!

PS-If you have some favorite blogs that you think I should link to then let me know below in Comments!

Just Ning’n it

Have you all heard of the Ning? It’s another online social networking tool that is available on the web. I like it better than MySpace because you can create your own groups, ning etc. Nings have been around for a little while but are just starting to really take off probably due in part to the Nerdfighters ning, which was started by John and Hank Green. John is a YA author who’s two books, Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, are not only great reads but award winners, as well. Hank is also a writer and web designer and has his own website called Ecogeek, which shows us way we can be more enviromentally friendly but also how technology can also be ecofriendly. Their ning ( was created as a result of the Brotherhood 2.0 project. This project which lasted all of last year (there are links to it on the ning’s main page) had John and Hank vlogging to each other every day except the weekends and holidays. Anyway, I digress:) Just wanted to give you a heads up on NIngs and also encourage you to check out the Nerdfighters ning and tell you to check it out and also go to to check out other nings. Whaddya think? I would love to hear your thoughts, leave them in the comments!

Updated Websites

Hey, I updated some of the website links, so you can now see the winner of this year’s Rosie Award. What is a Rosie? A Rosie, which is short for the Elliot Rosewater Award is the award given to an outstanding teen book each by the Indiana Library Federation and more importantly you all because teens in the state of Indiana are the ones to vote on teen books and decide the winner. This year’s winner and it should come as no shocker to all of you reading it and waiting for it to come back into the library since no matter how many copies we have there are never enough but I am not going to give to you the title here, instead follow the link here to see the winner, the other nominated titles (just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out these great titles!):

If you are interested in the Rosies, encourage your teacher, school media specialist or principal to become one of the schools that participates, the information you need is in the above link!

Metamorphosis @ APL update

Wow!! Our Teen Summer Reaing Program is going great, so far over 300 have you signed up to participate in the program and many of you have to come to all the faboulous programs we are offering to teens this summer. Not to mention that over 120 of you have gotten your SRP t-shirts which are your tickets to After-Hours Party where we will have games, pizza, raffle off prizes, and much, much more!

If you haven’t signed up or finished Level 3 yet for your free shirt, don’t worry there is still plenty of time left, so come in and get signed up and continue reading!!

Don’t forget-we show a movie every Thursday and also have other great programs so check out our website ( or our MySpace page (