Who’s Popular?

Meg Cabot, that’s who! This amazing author who brought you The Princess Diaries is at it again with her new title, How to Be Popular. And you could win a free signed copy!! Click here to find out how! But hurry–the contest ends September 12th!


Get "Sharp" for School!

I don’t know about you, but I adore Sharpie markers…now, there’s even more of a reason to love them! Sharpie Markers is giving away ten $10,000 scholarships!! Check it out and leave your mark!

Top 10 Mistakes Freshmen Make

For all of you getting packed and ready for college, here are the Top 10 Mistakes that Freshmen Make (according to The Indianapolis Star):

1. Assuming college is an extension of high school
2. Being overly ambitious
3. Saving $$ by not buying the books
4. Ignoring e-mails
5. Working too much
6. Looking for help in all the wrong places
7. Thinking the professor is a god
8. Over-socializing
9. Under-socializing
10. Choosing the wrong career path

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