Featured Guest Blog by Alexandra Zard

The following article is by Alexandra Zard, a local 8th grader at APA, which is about the 2009 Read ‘n’ Feed featuring David Lubar.  Thank you Alexandra for allowing us to publish this wonderful article!

David Lubar’s Hidden Talents


On March 11, 2009, Anderson Public Library held what they call a “Read and Feed”.  The purpose of the event was to bring middle school teens together to listen to the author of Hidden Talents, David Lubar.  Students and teachers in the Anderson School Corporation were invited to go.  English teachers gave out a free copy of the book to any student who said they would come to the event.  I believed that this would be a great opportunity to listen to an author speak.  I would also be able to get my book signed, what an offer!  Free pizza, a free book, and free entertainment from a famous author!

When I arrived at the room where we would listen to Mr.Lubar speak, I saw some familiar faces.  I went and sat with the people from my school, Anderson Preparatory Academy.  Everyone got up to get pizza and, after most were finished, Miss Terrell, the teen director for the library introduced David Lubar.  He began to talk about how when he was in school he never really thought of becoming a writer.  It wasn’t until college, when he read a capturing short story that he realized what a cool job writers had.  When he started to write, he found that he had almost a “hidden talent” for it.

Mr.Lubar first presented us with some of the videogames he had designed.  This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for most of the crowd.  It was definitely a good way to start off the evening.  After explaining how lucky we are to have better, and more improved game systems, he read us a short story.  This led him into talking about his writing.  He showed us slides of all his book covers and went (a little) into his writing process.  Even though most of the people in the room were readers, he was still able to maintain our attention with humorous statements here and there. 

Overall, the presentation was very informative and entertaining.  We were able to ask Mr.Lubar any questions we had towards the end.  Finally, when it was time to leave, and for the ones who brought their books, Mr.Lubar got to sign them.  I’m very glad I was privileged to get to go to Anderson Public Library’s “Read and Feed”.  I learned a lot and had a great time listening to Mr.Lubar speak.  I hope there is another soon. Thank you Anderson Public Library!

Submitted by:  Alexandra Zard  8th Grade  Anderson Preparatory Academy


D.I.Y.: Duct Tape Edition

You can fix anything with duct tape, right?:) Well, how about make almost anything?  Try your hand at making things with duct tape from wallets to iPod covers to flip flops at our D.I.Y.: Duct Tape Edition tomorrow, March 31st at 6pm.  Come check it out!

Yu-gi-oh! Tournament

Just a reminder that today at 1pm is the Yu-gi-oh! Tournament at APL in the Delaware Room. 

Bring your deck, brains and a friend and show your stuff.
Ages 10-17 years only. There will be no playing for cards. Prizes will be given courtesy of Friends of Anderson Public Library. The library does not allow any trading.

What are you doing during Spring Break?

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Plus, just a heads up that if you are staying here in Anderson, the APL TeenScene will have a few programs over the week starting on Saturday with the Yu-gi-oh! Tournament and a program that is all about making stuff out of duct tape!  More info to follow soon!

First Day of Spring

I know Spring Break is right around the corner for most of you but today is the official start of Spring!  Yay!  So do you have any big plans for Spring Break?  Going somewhere or just hangin’ out here in town?  The APL Teenscene will have a few programs throughout the week starting with the Yu-gi-oh! Tournament on Saturday, February 28th at 1:00.  CHeck back soon for more details!  Enjoy the weekend!