Weekly News Bite

So, did you know there’s only four days until the Summer Reading Program Kick-Off? Everyone around here is getting geared up for it…and you should be too! Anyone from grade 6 to grade 12 can participate in the Teen Summer Reading Program. It’s super easy: sign up at the Anderson Public Library anytime on or after May 21st. Just for signing up, you receive a goody bag complete with entry forms. Guess what happens next? You READ, of course! You don’t need a library card, you don’t need to check the book out…you just need to read and record the item you’ve completed. Things that count: a book, an audiobook (book on tape or CD) or three magazines. Things that don’t count: a movie or your kid sister’s bedtime book. You turn in the completed entry form and that gets you into the weekly drawing. We will be drawing every Friday afternoon between 1:00-4:00 at our Get Reel for Teens programs. You can find detailed information about Get Reel on the Anderson Public Library calendar. Questions? Feel free to call me at 641.2456 or stop by the Reference Desk. Good luck and hope to see you at Kick-Off!


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